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Hyundai Motors is a South Korean Multinational Automotive company which mostly. Their vehicles are sold in over 170 countries through 5,000 showrooms worldwide.

In Kenya it is the second largest car company, Making it one of the most trusted brands Nationally. The reason why it is considered one of the best is due to the fact that; It is affordable as well as Its durability is well known to very many users.

Below are the best Hyundai cars to buy in Kenya;

1. 2020 Hyundai Creta

2. Hyundai Tucson SUV 2020

3. Hyundai Grandi10 Sedan

4.Hyundai Santa Fe SUV 2020

5. Hyundai Elantra

6.Hyundai Palisade 2020

7.Hyundai H1 Bus

8.Hyundai Veloster N 2021

9.Hyundai Nexo Limited 2021

10.Hyundai Accent Limited 2021


      1. 2020 HYUNDAI CRETA

This Machine goes around for Ksh1.7Million – ksh2Million depending if its new or used.

It uses Petrol, with a fuel capacity of 50litres you can be assured it can be able to sustain long distance travels without any issues.

Its Engine type is 1.5 I MPi Petrol and it boasts of 7 speed-Dual Clutch Automatic. It is a nice sporty Engine which picks up speed effortlessly. It has 6 gears which make it easier to respond as it transitions between the gears in a smoother manner and it doesn’t have that aggressive clutch release at start off making it user friendly.

You can acquire this car through registered dealers throughout the country.



       2. HYUNDAI TUCSON SUV 2020

If new on the Market it goes around ksh 3Million while Used ones usually range around ksh 2Million.

Hyundai Tucson is a family SUV. It has 16 valves with a Horse power of 164Hp @6200 rpm and an inline of 4 Cylinders. With a 6-Speed Automatic w/SHIFTRONIC ensures a smooth ride without any hitches.

It has a beautiful interior design with adjustable driver’s seat as well as the steering wheel for comfortability while driving.

Overall, it is an amazing car with many specs be sure to check it out.



         3. HYUNDAI GRANDi10 SEDAN

In Kenya a new Model goes for ksh1.9 Million.

Hyundai Grand i10 sedan boasts mostly style, quality, space, comfort, safety and multiple features as compared to its competitors with the same specs and price.

Coming in with 14inch alloy wheels but you can increase the size according to your preferences. On the outside it may look small but, on the inside, it is very spacious, giving you the value for your money.

It is a box-type Saloon car and it was designed to fit in a small family thus manageable.

It contains a 6-speed Automatic shift ensuring a smoother ride, also due to the high weather temperatures nowadays it comes with an air-conditioner which goes all way to the back side thus you can cool both front and back passengers.

This car is pretty awesome for a millennial as well as a city dweller as it is very comfortable as well as easy to navigate.



        4. HYUNDAI SANTA FE SUV 2020

A new cost around ksh4.5Million at market value while a used one ranges between ksh2.5 – 3Million depending on your dealer.

It is one of the most luxurious Hyundai models ever produced with its amazing features without forgetting its amazing outlook both inwards and outwards, making you feel like a Royalty or rich for a small manageable cost.

One of its best perks is that’s it’s a 7-seaster SUV meaning, you can have a rather fairly amount of people inside since it can accommodate such.

It uses Diesel fuel type with a, tank capacity of 64litres. It Uses keyless entry Which assists in time consuming whenever you are in a hurry.

Also comes in with great space in the interior along with comfortability since it provides both head-room and knee-room thus mostly good for long distant rides.





This magnificent machine ranges from ksh1.2Million – ksh2.6 Million when new or used.

It is a 5 seat compact sedan, usually most applicable to working personel who also enjoy luxurious lifestyle at low costs.This car is the best of its kind with a base Engine of 147Horsepower with a Torque of 132lb-ft@4500 rpm

It uses regular unlreaded as a fuel type with a tank capacity of 12.4 gal. Also fitted with 2.0 liter engine that has a new [cvt] that assist greatly in improving gas mileage.

Comes fitted with a 7inch touchscreen multi-media system for comfort and good entertainment with a large 8 inch navigation system.

It remains the best choice with its standards as well as input features which makes sure the user /driver and the passengers both get to have an amazing experience.




        6. HYUNDAI PALISADE 2020

Starting off at a price range of ksh 4.4Million while being new, this automobile machine has a sports utility body type  and a fuel type of gasoline with a fuel capacity of 18.8 gal hence when full can travel to futher destinations.

Like many cars in the price range, the transmission at this car is definitely automatic. It uses an 8-speed gear box for easier transitions while  driving giving the user a polished feeling.

One of its precedences is that it has a seating capacity of 7 passengers making it applicable, mostly for family and friends during long distance travels.

Considered one of the best automatic cars in 2020 by users online thus very reliable.





        7. HYUNDAI H1 BUS

Usually going for around ksh 1.3Million for used ones and ksh 3Million for new ones. The H1 bus is an automatic car with large spaces as it was specially designed to be a family car.

It comprises of very many features  including and 8-seat arrangement design with availability of headroom as well as the knee-room which can be useful for a large number of people.

Mostly used by kenyans as a celebration car since it can accommodate well , and since it was designed to be a family vehicle be sure that it was fitted with the best safety protection systems in place such as airbags and superb brakes in case of any issues, It ensures there is minimal accidents.

One of its best perks is that even with its enoumous size, it is very easy to manoeuvre.

With its 75-litre petrol tank, The H1 wagon is exceptionaly designed for longer distances.

And just like its brand, The H1 wagon is also known for its reliability.

You can acquire this at good price through trusted dealers .




        8. HYUNDAI VELOSTER N 2021

This machine at market value is ksh 2.2Million when new.

It comes equipped with 2.0 liter inline 4-gas cylider as well as 147 Horsepower and 132 lb/ft of torque with 6-speed auto-transmission for smoother  ride without glitches.

With a seating capacity of four passengers, it provides an ample space where by everyone including the driver gets the maximum comfort this is due to the presence of knee-room as well as head-room everyone is bound to enjoy the ride especially when going for longer journeys.

Comes equipped with wonderful multimedia system for the best  entertainment experience .

Its fuel system is direct injection as it uses gasoline as a fuel type and with a tank capacity of 13.2 gal this can travel longer distances before refuelling.

As seen its really an amazing machine and its found on all trusted Hyundai dealers nationwide.




          9. HYUNDAI NEXO LIMITED 2021

This is a newly released vehicle by the Hyundai Motor group in 2021.

When new its Market price is ksh 6.8Million and the price itself should already give you an idea that its not just an ordinary car.

First of all, the Hyundai Nexo limited is an Electic Suv, Meaning almost everything is controlled electronically.

It comes equipped with 5-seats within which is very comfortable and just like all other Hyundai models it ensures interior space is sustainable for for the amount of passengers inside.

It has an engine power of 161 Horsepower and torque of 291lb-ft

Its transmission is automatic with a drive type of [fwd] Front Wheel Drive while its gear box is single speed.

It uses a tubeless tire which not only prevents puncture but also provide more comfortable riding with decreased rolling resistance thus very beneficial.

Since it is an Electric Suv it has a front lidar which detects front objects ,object tracking and object classification, a sterior camera which detects position of traffic lights and pedestrians thus limiting accidents by a larger percentage.

This is one of the best groundbreaking productions to arrive in the country in a while.



           10. HYUNDAI ACCENT LIMITED 2021

This is a newly released 5-seater sedan in kenya whereby the car goes for KSH 2.2 Million at market value when new.

It comes equipped with 1.6 liters inline-4 gas cylinder with 120 Horsepower@6300 rpm and torque of 113lb-ft @ 4500 rpm/

Its fuel type is gasoline usually uses direct injection fuel system with a tank capacity of 11.9 gallons.

Among other features , this is a pretty decent car with its outstanding appearance both inward as well as outward. The interior seats are comfortable without forgetting that because its automatic it has a hands-free smart trunk release.

There is also presence of Forward Collision Avoidance Assist [FCA] Which will come in handy in case of accidents.



In conclusion Hyundai Motor group as a company is really coming fast into the kenyan market and they are here to stay as seen through their products which really give the best customer service currently.

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